“Another strong skill is illustrated when it becomes necessary to explain and expound on military or government acronyms and obscure terms relating to computer and information technology. I have often experienced an unpleasant disruption in the narrative flow when otherwise experienced authors attempt to teach at the expense of their storyline. Brad Taylor has grasped the knack of giving us enough information for understanding without affecting the level of suspense he is building. I am now a solid fan…”  Click here to read full review.

“Taylor’s first-hand experience clearly shows in his writing. Reading his books, one has to wonder: ‘Which parts are real and which are fiction?’…Typically, I am reading a dozen or so books at once. All Necessary Force was so good that I had to put them all down.  And if you haven’t read the first book in the series, One Rough Man, grab it too.”

BLACKFIVE  Click here to read full review.

“When you’re ready to read ALL NECESSARY FORCE, you better sit in a mile-long chair, as you’ll otherwise quickly find yourself on the end of it. The first few pages alone…should come with a Surgeon General’s warning if you have a weak heart.”  Click here to read full review.

“In Taylor’s exciting second Pike Logan thriller (after 2011’s One Rough Man)…the high violence level and authentic military action put Taylor, a retired Delta Force officer, solidly in the ranks of such authors as Brad Thor and Vince Flynn.”

Publishers Weekly.  Click here to read full review.


“Terrorists plan to strike America with a vicious blow, and it’s Pike Logan’s job to stop them. This fast-moving thriller poses the dilemma: Must he obey the law, or must he use all necessary force to thwart the enemy?

In the second book in Taylor’s series (One Rough Man, 2011), Logan is part of the top-secret Taskforce set up to handle asymmetric threats to the United States …As the story veers back and forth between the terrorists and the Taskforce, the weight of saving America from disaster falls squarely on Logan and his team—can they stop the impending simultaneous attacks on nuclear power plants? …Logan angers some of his superiors because of actions that could land him in prison, even though the whole concept of Taskforce is that it’s supposed to be extralegal. Whose side will President Warren take in this dispute? What makes the story even more interesting is the moral component Cahill adds, forcing Logan to examine his conscience as they both do what they must to protect the rest of us.

Well written, edgy and a damn good yarn.”

— Kirkus Reviews, 21 November 2011.  Click here to read full review.