“Smoothly switching between third-person narration and Pike’s first-person point of view, Taylor skillfully unfolds the story until it feels like you’re on a frenzied ride. A surefire page-turner that is nearly impossible to put down.”

“Taylor has become the heir apparent to the late Vince Flynn, and his latest thriller featuring Pike Logan and his colleague and girlfriend Jennifer Cahill explodes with action from the first page… The surprises never stop, and the pace never relents. Logan and Cahill are a dream team, and military-thriller fans who seek realistic scenarios should consider Taylor mandatory reading.”

“[E]dge-of-your-seat thriller…nonstop action, intricate story line, and jaw-dropping plot twists.”
—Publishers Weekly

“While there are countless authors who have tackled telling the stories of heroic men and women, only a few combine the ingredients of suspense, action, larger-than-life characters and some very appropriate dark humor in such satisfying measures. Whether he is picturing a country vista in some remote village or describing the antics of a spoiled military scion, Taylor writes with the accuracy of one who has been there.”

“A chilling novel for our time, with a frighteningly realistic plot.”
–Huffington Post

“This book is a page-turner which is both timely and frighteningly plausible… While the action is top-drawer, the storyline will also intrigue those who like intricate plotting.”
–Key West Citizen

“Brad Taylor’s Pike Logan books would still be great even if Taylor hadn’t lived the kind of life about which he now writes. But he hits a new peak with the blisteringly effective “No Fortunate Son” ratcheting up both the professional and personal stakes for Logan’s stalwart Taskforce team… With his latest, Taylor firmly entrenches himself on the level of James Rollins, Vince Flynn and Brad Thor as the modern master of the military thriller.”
Providence Journal