“Taylor is one of the best in the Vince Flynn line of military thrillers featuring covert operations, and he has the eerie ability to predict real-world headlines. And, somehow, he just keeps getting better and better.”

“Taylor absolutely knows his stuff, and he brings a notable accuracy to the events Pike goes through in defeating the enemy.”
—Spencer Daily Reporter

“The alternating first- and third-person viewpoints offer up a splendidly intense plot peeled back layer by layer in the best tradition of Jack Higgins and Frederick Forsyth. The Insider Threat is a bit lighter on brawn than the last few efforts featuring Logan and Taskforce but heavier on brains, as Taylor stretches his talents beyond razor-sharp action to the honing of structure that solidifies his claim as heir apparent to the great Vince Flynn.”
—Providence Journal

“The Insider Threat has nonstop action, and a very realistic plot. As with Tom Clancy novels he is able to write about serious dangers in a very suspenseful and intense way. Through well-defined characters and dialogue this novel is a page-turner that is a must read.”
—Military Press

“Strongly recommended for the many fans of the “Logan” series and those who enjoy a breakneck pace… Taylor gives hope for a positive resolution to today’s hostilities.”
—Library Journal