“…it reads like a collaboration between Taylor and the late Michael Crichton, which serves to ratchet up the suspense to new, almost unbearable levels.  If you have an ounce of germophobia in your body, THE WIDOW’S STRIKE will keep you up at night, reading and worrying.”
—, 8 August 2013, Read Review.

“Terrorists seek to cause mass devastation using a virus as a bio-weapon in bestseller Taylor’s entertaining fourth Pike Logan thriller…clever plotting and solid prose set this above many similar military action novels.”
— Publishers Weekly, 20 May 2013, Read Review.

“Don your hazmat suit, prop up your feet and enjoy a good yarn.”
— Kirkus Reviews, 1 June 2013.

“Taylor, whose background in Special Forces gives his work undeniable authenticity, delivers another exciting thriller that the covert-ops crowd will relish. Get this one into the hands of Vince Flynn fans.”
— Jeff Ayers, Booklist, 1 June 2013.