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Al Awlaki: The Difference Between War and Peace

The death of Anwar al Awlaki by a predator drone strike last week has sparked a heated debate about the legality of the act. Constitutional bloggers are hysterically claiming that the president has set a precedent of murdering United States citizens without a shred of due process, and even republican candidate Ron Paul has stated that Obama should be impeached for this “assassination”. The problem with all of these arguments is that they are confusing wartime actions with peacetime law enforcement.  The two are not the same.  Before I continue, [...]

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When free speech gets ridiculous

What on earth is the Dove Outreach Church in Florida gaining by burning the Qu’ran? It literally boggles my mind.  At first, I thought it was a joke.  I mean, really, who goes around burning the religious tomes of other faiths?  Well, communists, I suppose.  And Nazis.  Come to think of it, in a supreme bit of irony, the Taliban we’re fighting in Afghanistan does this very thing.  Actually, the similarities between this church and radical elements of Islam are pretty striking.  For instance, the Dove Church claims [...]

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