American Traitor by Brad Taylor
American Traitor by Brad Taylor


Pike Logan must divert two world powers from engaging in a major conflict that could ignite a war in American Traitor, a new pulse-pounding thriller from New York Times bestselling author and former Special Forces officer Brad Taylor.

Pike Logan and Jennifer Cahill are enjoying a sunny vacation down under when they get disturbing news: their friend and colleague, Clifford Delmonty, is in serious trouble. While working as a contractor at an Australian F 35 facility, the former Taskforce member—callsign Dunkin—saw something he shouldn’t have, and now he’s on the run from Chinese agents.

Pike and Jennifer soon discover that Dunkin’s attackers are a dangerous part of a much larger scheme that could launch a full-on war between China and Taiwan. In their quest for dominance, China is determined to reclaim Taiwan—an ally the United States has sworn to protect. Pike learns that the Chinese have a devious plan to bait the small island nation into all-out war by destabilizing the government while manipulating an artificial intelligence defense system.

As the threat of conflict reaches a boiling point, Pike alone realizes that what is being seen is not what is happening. A soldier who has always been trained to fight and win, Pike is now against an invisible enemy—one he can’t actually attack. With the help of a Taiwanese intelligence agent, he races to prevent a catastrophic conflict from consuming a whole region of the world—and the lives of his teammates.


Chapter 1
April 9, 2019, Misawa, Japan

Jake Shu saw the afterburners kick in, the flight of four F-35 Lightning II aircraft leave the gravity of earth and head into the night sky. It was but one of many flights leaving the airbase, a stream of lights bursting into the night one after the other, some headed out over the Pacific Ocean, others over the Sea of Japan, but this one was special. Special to him.

The cold began to seep in under his trousers, an unrelenting contact from the iron park bench he was sitting on, as if it was asking him to leave. But he could not. He had a mission here, and he would see it through.



“Taylor, a retired Special Forces lieutenant colonel, has a good grasp of the geopolitical backdrop of his stories, and this knowledge gives his books a solid layer of plausibility. The high-energy writing also helps sell the story and characters. This is a series that has earned its popularity.”

American Traitor is frighteningly realistic and will cause a lot of sleepless nights in Washington. Brad Taylor is the best action writer in the business today, and Pike Logan is the right hero for our time.”
—William H. McRaven, Adm, U.S. Navy (Ret.) and author of Make Your Bed
“It is [Taylor’s] remarkable character work with a robust and memorable cast that is the true strength of the novel. The camaraderie of the battle-hardened operators…, their staunch loyalty to one another, and their stalwart sense of shared duty ultimately make for a big-hearted novel, even amid its many pulse-pounding moments.”
Charleston Post & Courier
“Taylor, who relies on his own elite experience in the Special Forces for both detail and authenticity, has never been better, and neither has his literary doppelganger, Pike Logan.”
Providence Journal