The Taskforce is used to being the hunter, but this time they’re the hunted.

Intent on embroiling the US in a quagmire that will sap its economy and drain its legitimacy, Russia passes a potential weapon of mass destruction to Boko Haram, an extreme Islamic sect in Nigeria. The Russian FSB believes the weapon, a relic of the Cold War, has deteriorated and is no longer effective, but they are wrong. Boko Haram has the means for mass destruction, which will be set loose upon a multitude of unsuspecting innocents on one of the world’s grandest stages.

Trying to solve the riddle of who might be stalking them, Pike Logan and the Taskforce have no idea what’s been set in motion; but there’s another secret from the Cold War buried in the Russian FSB, and exposing it will mean the difference between life and death—not only for Pike and his partner, Jennifer, but for perhaps millions more around the globe.


Chapter 1

Summer Olympic Games, Munich, Germany
September 5, 1972

Yakov Freidman felt the skids to the Bell helicopter touch down, and knew they had reached the first leg of their destination. Next stop: Cairo. Seeing only darkness behind the blindfold cinched to his head, he rubbed the leg of the Israeli athlete next to him, using the rope around his wrists to make contact. A small effort at solidarity. A reassurance that everything was going to turn out okay. That they would all be released alive from the maniacal Palestinian terrorists that had captured them.

He didn’t believe it. And neither did the man he rubbed. The Palestinians had already killed enough people to prove that wouldn’t happen.


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“A Pike Logan thriller filled with heart-thumping action and insane heroics… A fun, satisfying adventure.”

Kirkus, Starred Review
“Taylor is adept at combining past tragedies, like the terrorist attack on the 1972 Munich Olympics, with more recent developments, like the Snowden disclosures, and tracking the geopolitical changes in between. Throw in modern technology, gunfights, hand-to-hand combat, and a daring race to prevent a disaster that would make the Munich Olympics attack pale by comparison, and you have a thriller that really thrills.”
Publishers Weekly
“In this sixth entry in the Pike Logan series…Taylor combines up-to-the-minute spy craft with musings about the morality of murder, even when justified, and shows that the latest gadgetry still can’t replace human intuition and skill. Another exciting spy thriller from an author who knows the territory.”
“DAYS OF RAGE…lives up to every expectation one might have for entertainment, enlightenment and excitement. While the scope of the novel covers historical events and the locations move rapidly around the globe, Taylor’s writing skill keeps readers in the action and on mission.”
“Taylor has crafted a terrific and fast-paced read in “Days of Rage.”
Jeff Ayers, Associated Press