In the fourth thriller in Brad Taylor’s New York Times bestselling Pike Logan series, the Taskforce must stop a suicide bomber intent on triggering a global epidemic.

Invented by nature but genetically manipulated by man, a mutation of a deadly virus has fallen into the wrong hands. Angered by sanctions placed against its nuclear program, a rogue state is determined to release it. Their chosen method: one of the Black Widows—female suicide terrorists of Chechen descent with a deadly reputation for slaughter that rivals any other group.

The only thing standing in the Black Widow’s way is the Taskforce, an extra-legal counterterrorism unit. Racing against time to prevent a global pandemic, Taskforce operator Pike Logan and his partner Jennifer Cahill follow the trail across Southeast Asia to the United States, only to learn that the enemy they face may not be the enemy they should fear.

The Widow’s Strike ties together government-sanctioned terrorist activities, nefarious multinational conglomerates, and frighteningly plausible science. Infused with authenticity from Brad Taylor’s decades of service as a Delta Force commander, it’s an explosive ride alongside America’s counterterrorism operators that will leave readers breathless.


Chapter 1

The technician thought the sign on the door said it all. warning: biohazard level iv— h5n1 research ongoing. It looked official enough, the universal biohazard symbol followed by a host of precautions proclaiming its authority, but it was listing a bit to the side, the tape holding it in place losing adhesive in the humid air. An indicator of the less-than-perfect nature of the work beyond the door.

Takes more than a sign to make a level-four facility. The technician thought again about telling someone what they were doing. Perhaps preventing a tragedy. He knew he wouldn’t, though, because the money was too good, and there just wasn’t anywhere else to do the research.


“…it reads like a collaboration between Taylor and the late Michael Crichton, which serves to ratchet up the suspense to new, almost unbearable levels. If you have an ounce of germophobia in your body, THE WIDOW’S STRIKE will keep you up at night, reading and worrying.”, 8 August 2013, Read Review.
“Terrorists seek to cause mass devastation using a virus as a bio-weapon in bestseller Taylor’s entertaining fourth Pike Logan thriller…clever plotting and solid prose set this above many similar military action novels.”
Publishers Weekly, 20 May 2013, Read Review.
“Don your hazmat suit, prop up your feet and enjoy a good yarn.”
Kirkus Reviews, 1 June 2013.
“Taylor, whose background in Special Forces gives his work undeniable authenticity, delivers another exciting thriller that the covert-ops crowd will relish. Get this one into the hands of Vince Flynn fans.”
—Jeff Ayers, Booklist, 1 June 2013.