In New York Times bestselling author Brad Taylor’s latest heart-stopping thriller, Pike Logan returns with his most dangerous and personal threat yet: a Taskforce Operator gone rogue.

For years, the extralegal counterterrorist unit known as the Taskforce has worked in the shadows, anticipating and preventing attacks around the globe. Created to deal with a terrorist threat that shuns the civilized rule of law, it abandoned the same, operating outside of the US Constitution. Though wildly successful, it was rooted in a fear that the cure could be worse than the disease.

And now that fear has come home.

A Special Forces soldier is killed on an operation in Afghanistan, and complicit in the attack is a government official of an allied nation. While the US administration wants to forget the casualty, one Taskforce member will not. When he sets out to avenge his brother’s death, his actions threaten to not only expose the Taskforce’s activities, but also destroy a web of alliances against a greater evil. Pike Logan understands the desire, but also the danger. Brought in to eliminate the risk, he’s now forced to choose between his friend and the administration he’s sworn to protect, while unbeknownst to either of them, the soldier’s death is only the beginning….


Chapter 1

The box arrived at the front door like any other delivery. It had nothing on the outside detailing what it held. Nothing to show that what was inside was anything other than an online order. Just a FedEx label on brown cardboard. Maybe a fantasy kit inspired by Fifty Shades of Grey. Or maybe not. Treating this like every other delivery, the FedEx driver ringing the bell had no idea that what it contained were the final vestiges of a man who’d given his life fighting in a land far, far away. A land that most of America had forgotten, precisely because the sacrifices represented by the contents of the box allowed them to do so.

Putting on a plain oxford shirt, Guy George heard the bell and was surprised. He wasn’t expecting anyone, and he was more worried about a meeting he had to attend in forty-five minutes. A meeting he knew would be crucial to his future. He didn’t have time for someone selling Girl Scout cookies.


Dana Barrett, one of Brad’s favorites, interviewed him for
The Dana Barrett Show on January 5th.


“Taylor has become one of the very best writers of thrillers with a military and special-ops background. His consistency and his ability to mirror headline news with relevant, engrossing narratives are uncanny, and this exploration of the human side of war should quickly be recognized as one of Taylor’s best efforts. Comparisons to Vince Flynn and Brad Thor are expected and not inaccurate, but Taylor is now in a class by himself.”

Booklist, Starred review
“Slick, exciting action and credible complexity are the hallmarks of Taylor’s high-caliber thrillers, and this latest installment (after The Insider Threat ) does not disappoint. Readers will root for the solid crew; the lightning-fast plot filled with tradecraft and intriguing politics will satisfy series fans and newcomers alike. Suggest to all fans of military thrillers and as a read-alike for Vince Flynn.”
Library Journal
“Taylor, who has undoubtedly become the gold standard in this particular genre, is on absolute fire right now…Nothing takes a reader out of the story faster than getting details wrong. It’s a cardinal sin that far too many authors commit, which is why Taylor’s writing is a real treat. He can do both, write and nail all the military details with equal mastery.”
The Real Book Spy
“Brad Taylor… takes his considerable talents to a new level with ‘The Forgotten Soldier,’ his latest thriller to feature Pike Logan and his stalwart Taskforce team. It’s one thing to write great action scenes, quite another to bring us into the actual mindset of the special ops world he knows so well.”
Providence Journal
“Taylor delivers the latest addition to his growing body of convincing plots. As in his previous thrillers (The Insider Threat, 2015, etc.), he spins a tale that could easily have been lifted from our current sociopolitical reality… A realistic page-turner that fills a need for thrills while questioning the complicated process of statecraft.”
Kirkus Reviews