Daughter of War by Brad Taylor
Daughter of War by Brad Taylor


Former Special Forces Officer and New York Times bestselling author Brad Taylor delivers a heart-pounding thriller featuring Taskforce operators Pike Logan and Jennifer Cahill as they come face to face with a conspiracy where nothing is as it seems.

Hot on the trail of a North Korean looking to sell sensitive US intelligence to the Syrian regime, Pike Logan and the Taskforce stumble upon something much graver: the sale of a lethal substance called Red Mercury.

Unbeknownst to the Taskforce, the Syrians plan to use the weapon of mass destruction against American and Kurdish forces, and blame the attack on terrorists, causing western nations to reassess their participation in the murky cauldron of the Syrian civil war.

Meanwhile, North Korea has its own devastating agenda: a double-cross that will dwarf the attack in Syria even as it lays the blame on the Syrian government. Leveraging Switzerland’s fame for secrecy and its vast network of military bunkers, now repurposed by private investors for the clandestine storage of wealth, North Korea will use Red Mercury to devastate the West’s ability to deliver further sanctions against the rogue regime.

As the Taskforce begins to unravel the plot, a young refugee unwittingly holds the key to the conspiracy. Hunted across Europe for reasons she cannot fathom, she is the one person who can stop the attack–if she can live long enough for Pike and Jennifer to find her.


Chapter 1

The man sat placidly in a utilitarian metal chair, staring straight ahead at a barren wall of cinder block. His arms were in his lap, but they showed no tension. No indication of what he knew was to come.

Positioned in the center of the room, he and his chair were the sole occupiers of the space. No desks, no bookshelves, and certainly no decorations on the rough concrete that surrounded him. Just him. The only break was a stainless steel pipe that hung just above his head, with what looked like a shower nozzle on the end.

Behind a thick pane of glass on the left wall, three men stared at him intently, waiting on the inevitable.


“Taylor has already established himself as a master of special-ops thrillers, and this one will only add to his stellar reputation…Taylor adds human depth to his usually plot-driven novels, and the result is one of his best books to date.”

Booklist (starred review)
“Meticulously plotted…particularly gripping.”
Publishers Weekly
“…Taylor knows his way around an action scene better than most — constantly interjecting a gritty authenticity to his stories — it’s hard to believe that writing wasn’t his first career…Brad Taylor continues to dominate the military thriller genre, and it’s not close.”
The Real Book Spy
“Taylor clearly has the qualifications to provide a military thriller with realistic details, and he does just that in this latest addition to the Pike Logan series. …a fast-paced thriller. A believable story with the kind of interesting details that keep the pages turning.”