Welcome to my blog, although I don’t really like that term.  It implies I’m going to rant daily on whatever stream of consciousness is going through my head, which is not the case.  What I’d really like to do is simply discuss some of the themes that are threaded throughout my book, getting a little more in-depth on what they mean and why they’re included.  In so doing, I hope to impart whatever small bit of knowledge I possess to the average reader.  I spent over twenty years in the Army, which is an insular organization in itself, but my positions were even more so. 

My last assignment was as a teacher of senior college students, where I was pulled out of my little military world and forced to converse with the dreaded civilian.  I was surprised at the lack of understanding of concepts that I had dealt with for my entire career, and spent a lot of time answering questions and dispelling myths about my world.  I hope to do the same here, without any political bias, using themes in my book as a springboard for discussion.  Feel free to shoot me a question through the contact page, if you have one.  If I get a plethora of questions on the same issue, I’ll definitely address it in the blog.  And, if nobody reads this but you, I suppose I’ll be forced to address whatever you send.  I expect I’ll post something every couple of weeks.