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Two blogs in one week.  A record for me, driven by two news articles I recently read that really struck my funny bone, despite their serious nature.  The first story was about Iran celebrating the creation of an unmanned bomber in which Ahmadinejad, Iran’s president, proudly proclaimed it his “ambassador of death”.  Really, I’m not making that up.  It’s like he watched a bunch of cheesy 1960s James Bond knock-off movies and decided to emulate the evil-doers on screen.  All that was missing was him saying, “And unless [...]

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Why does Ground Zero have anything to do with Islam?

I’ve heard the debate raging around the so-called “ground zero mosque” the last couple of weeks, and I see a lot of confusion as to why Islam is in the argument at all.  Pundits say invoking Islam as a reason to stop the development of the center is simply “Islamophobia”, and that a center founded by Muslims built in downtown Manhattan is fully in accordance with the freedom of religion inherently built into our constitution.  Or, conversely, they attempt to disassociate Islam completely from ground zero with statements [...]

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