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The Libyan Conundrum, Part III: Marx Brothers Foreign Policy

I’ve been hesitant to post another blog on Libya because I don’t have behind-the-scenes intel and didn’t want to undercut operations about which I’m no longer privy.  After a couple of weeks of research from the sidelines, I’m now pretty sure that there is no coherent U.S. policy on Libya.  Only stabs in the dark to placate this week’s squeaky wheel.  On 4/21, the Obama administration decided to send armed predators to Libya, another paper escalation in the war that isn’t a war.  That’s an absolutely perfect decision [...]

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When free speech gets deadly

A few months ago I wrote a blog about the Dove Outreach Church in Florida that wanted to burn the Quran and the potential effects that it could cause.  Well, today we saw those effects.  On September 9th I wrote, “The bottom line is that, rightly or wrongly, the action will be viewed harshly in the Islamic world.  Millions of people now on the fence, who really have no idea what America is like and have more than likely never even met an American citizen, will now believe [...]

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