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Strange New World in the Levant

This didn’t get much play in the press, but it’s really big news.  There appears to be a crack in the Axis of Evil love triangle between Iran, Syria, and Hamas.  Last Friday, at a grand mosque in Cairo, Egypt, Hamas denounced Assad and overtly supported the opposition forces against him.  I was a little stunned on a variety levels.   Iran and Syria have funded Hamas from its creation.  They’re its sugar daddies, and Iran is definitely on the Assad bandwagon.  Hamas has now made a conscious effort [...]

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The Thin Red Line in Iran

Last Sunday on 60 Minutes the Secretary of Defense, Leon Panetta, said if the U.S. gathered intelligence that Iran was building a nuclear weapon, it would be a red-line, and all options were on the table, including military. On the surface, I find the statement a little ludicrous.  Even the United Nations International Atomic Energy Agency says Iran is developing nuclear weapons technology. The administration’s official line is that they “aren’t convinced” Iran has decided to make a weapon, and that maybe they’re simply building the components for [...]

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