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I’m in Israel. Go ahead and touch my junk.

Over the past three days, I’ve heard a plethora of talking heads say we should forego scanners and pat-downs in the United States in favor of the “Israeli Model” of airport security, including profiling.  They hold-up Ben Gurion airport in Tel Aviv as the shining example of success, and I agree 100%.  Let’s do that, but we need to be honest about what that means and not pick and choose pieces of Israel’s security, which is what’s currently happening.  For the record, Israel’s security is MORE invasive than [...]

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Don’t Touch My Junk

When it comes to security, Americans have the shortest memory span of anyone on earth.  We’re the first to start screaming about individual rights whenever we have to suffer any interruption in our daily routines, and also the first to scream for someone’s head when a terrorist attack is “allowed” to occur. Last weekend, a man refused to enter a full body scanner at a San Diego airport, then refused to allow a pat-down in lieu of the scan, claiming both bordered on sexual molestation, and uttering his [...]

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