Designating the IRGC a terrorist organization? Not a good idea.

Royalty-free stock photo ID: 656642494 Last week, the Trump administration designated the entire Iranian Revolutionary Guard’s Corps (IRGC) as a terrorist group, which finally took effect yesterday.  I’d hoped that saner heads would prevail in the meantime.  While on the surface that seems like the right move, it’s replete with negative ancillary effects that far outweigh any positive ones. Right up front, I’ll say that this idea didn’t arise from just the Trump administration.  I remember writing The Widow’s Strike in 2013, where Pike goes against a [...]

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A not so simple primer on terrorism

I’ve read and watched a plethora of reporting on the Islamic State, and decided I’d set out to give a little base-line information on just what that group is, what they’re attempting to do, and why they’ve been so successful. The majority of information in the U.S. press is tainted by politics, with viewpoints, first and foremost, designed to damage a political party as opposed to informing the American public on the nature of the threat. As I began writing, I realized that the true problem wasn’t misinformation [...]

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The Libyan Conundrum part IV: How do you like me now?

I’ve blogged about our incursion into Libya on three separate occasions, and the main theme threaded throughout was that getting rid of Ghadafi was only half of the equation.  Stabilizing the country afterwards is the other half, and, as I said back then, our foreign policy just doesn’t seem to get that. Well, it sure does now.  Everyone is scrambling to pin the rose on who killed the U.S. Ambassador and some of his staff, with some blaming a movie that insults Islam as the culprit, and others [...]

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Never Forget – Never Again.

            I was watching a 9/11 memorial program yesterday, and found I couldn’t stand to see the images.  It just makes me angry and awakens emotions I’d rather leave alone.  Ten years ago today the trajectory of my life changed forever, as did the lives of just about every single person I know.  I’m sure it’s the same for anyone reading this post.  I remember that day very well.  I was on alert status and doing some ordinary prep for training.  I remember walking through the squadron bay and [...]

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I’m in Israel. Go ahead and touch my junk.

Over the past three days, I’ve heard a plethora of talking heads say we should forego scanners and pat-downs in the United States in favor of the “Israeli Model” of airport security, including profiling.  They hold-up Ben Gurion airport in Tel Aviv as the shining example of success, and I agree 100%.  Let’s do that, but we need to be honest about what that means and not pick and choose pieces of Israel’s security, which is what’s currently happening.  For the record, Israel’s security is MORE invasive than [...]

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