Given the sequence of events over the past few days, I’d be willing to bet that Paula Broadwell really wishes she’d picked a different title.  Sparing any lewd analogies, it’s certainly looking like everyone who’s had anything to do with GEN Petraeus is all in this investigation.  GEN Allen is now being investigated for sending a “number” of emails to Jill Kelley – the number being so high it boggles my mind – and the FBI special agent who started the investigation as a favor to Kelley is [...]

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Al Awlaki: The Difference Between War and Peace

The death of Anwar al Awlaki by a predator drone strike last week has sparked a heated debate about the legality of the act. Constitutional bloggers are hysterically claiming that the president has set a precedent of murdering United States citizens without a shred of due process, and even republican candidate Ron Paul has stated that Obama should be impeached for this “assassination”. The problem with all of these arguments is that they are confusing wartime actions with peacetime law enforcement.  The two are not the same.  Before I continue, [...]

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Lethal Truth

We’re one month from the book launch, and in the three years since I started writing my novel about a fictional counter-terrorist unit called the Taskforce, I’ve been amazed at the number of news stories that have basically stated  a unit like the one I’ve created really exists.  They’ve asserted that the CIA has “assassination squads” planning to kill terrorists without any congressional oversight, in defiance of the assassination ban in Executive Order 12333.  That Special Forces have been running amok in foreign lands, ignoring all aspects of [...]

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Where’s Waldo?

The big story in the news yesterday was that NATO officials had necked down the location of Osama bin Laden, along with his brethren, to a stretch of the lawless lands of Pakistan.  The news was immediately followed by rejoinders of American officials about the accuracy of the reports.  After recent admissions by our own CIA that we haven’t had any intelligence on bin Laden for years, it was another ghost story that left a majority of Americans scratching their heads.  I mean, really, with all of our [...]

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